Sports Day

Pre Primary Sports Day: “Stay fit, be healthy” is the motto which encourages our pre-primary children. To follow this, every year the tiny tots of Atul Vidyalaya perform different sports activities like mass drill, exercises, races, pyramids & yoga which also inculcate good qualities among them. Atul Vidyalaya feels and believes in the overall development of children, where sports are an important factor to keep oneself healthy. Involving our tiny tots in sports activities will encourage them to participate in healthy competition and inculcate leadership qualities. So friends, always remember the proverb, “All study and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” This proverb not only applies to Jack but to all of us. Sports Day: Sports day is a major and grand event at Atul Vidyalaya, where speed, strength and stamina is improved, tested and graded; a very important component to all round development. We at Atul Vidyalaya try to generate a flair for sports, to inculcate the sportsman spirit, to develop the killer instinct and at the same time appreciate other’s aptitudes. The Sports day is an experience where students budget their time and take time out to practice and try their best to gain a point for their respective houses. Sports day inculcates discipline, team work. Students struggle for their houses without any return. They labour for a common cause and develop a patriotic spur in them. The event helps students realize their sporting talents and the school goes all out to help the students excel, giving 100% exposure by participating in any event of such nature anywhere in India.
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