Cultural Fete

Today stress plays a vital role in the life of students. It is commonly known that student life can be very stressful. We have to accept this fact and think of it as a preparation for future life. At the same time it is necessary to prepare stress busters that help to reduce stress levels and the cultural jamboree is one such activity which enables us to do just that. Conducted after examination it’s a bunch of events where all the students take part in various activities. The students’ along with their teachers brainstorm these activities and then prepare for these events on their own. Through this experience, students learn to pool their talents and energies in creating something from them, gain a sense of satisfaction, and experience the joy of presenting what they created in front an audience. Mainly two kinds of activities are focused on in the cultural fete.
  • Literary events: Literary events usually include quizzes, word games, creative writing and some form of public speaking or debate.
  • Cultural events: These include such competitions as music, dance, fine arts and drama.
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