Co-Curricular Activities

ASSEMBLY: Normally each cluster has a separate daily Assembly in their own cluster. The programme content of the Assembly would be tailored to the needs and interests of student of that cluster. Once in a fortnight a common school assembly is held. The purpose of the Assembly is to:
  • Enable student feel part of a larger group with a common purpose
  • Provide them with a platform to develop their self confidence, public speaking and other abilities.
ARTS AND CRAFTS: Like Fine Arts, the school feels that each and every child should also be exposed to Arts & Crafts to enable development of latent creative abilities. Many children are able to express themselves and their inner feelings better through these mediums than by verbal & written skills. SPORTS AND GAMES: The school believes that a healthy mind requires a healthy body to protect and nurture it. Physical Games also develop the spirit of cooperation, mutual support and the ability to accept defeat gracefully. LITERARY ACTIVITIES: These are the very core of an English Medium school which tries to inculcate in the students, a love for the language, apart from communication abilities. HOBBIES:
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