Secondry School

In the ICSE, students study 4 compulsory subjects; English, Second Language, Environmental Education and Social Studies. The 2 optional subjects offered in school are Science (Physics, Chemistry & Biology) and Mathematics. The choices for the 6th subject are Art, Physical Education and Computer Studies. In ISC, there are 2 streams; Science & Commerce. There are 2 compulsory subjects; English & Environmental Studies. The school offers 4 optional subjects for each stream: Science Stream: Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Mathematics Commerce Stream: Accounts, Economics, Business Studies & Commerce. The emphasis in the Secondary Cluster is in facilitating and supporting self-study by students. Additional academic support is offered through After-School Tutorials where students can work under the supervision of teachers. Exposure to the opportunities and obstacles which students are likely to encounter after school, is given by regular interactions with professionals from different areas. Exposure to the socio-economic realities in society is given through the SUPW (Socially Useful Productive Work) programme. Support is given to students who want to prepare for entrance examinations to professional courses.
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