Primary School

The emphasis in Primary School is to provide a strong language and numerical understanding along with competence to help formal learning from Middle School. Children begin formal reading and writing. The most important subjects are English, Second Language and Mathematics. However, there are no textbooks. Learning is through themes which integrate the learning of several subjects. Reading is viewed as the skill to understand what others have expressed in writing. Writing is viewed as the skill of expression thoughts in written form. A lot of free and creative writing is done. Basic concepts in Mathematics are taught through activities using activity materials. The Math Lab is used regularly. Teachers prepare the curriculum framework and divide it in terms of themes. There are no formal examinations. There is continuous evaluation of students through the year. Additional academic support on one-to-one basis is given by teachers to students who are unable to keep pace with others. All children learn Music, Art and Dance. Students have sufficient time for physical activities. The morning assemblies and inter-house activities give them ample opportunities for building self confidence and exploring various co-curricular activities. Homework is very easy and it is mainly meant for instilling a regular discipline of sitting down for at least 30 minutes a day to do some work at home. The emphasis is on the development of good study and social habits which are necessary for formal learning at the Middle School. No child is retained in the Primary School level, unless it is absolutely necessary in the best interest of the child. And then too students are retained only with the express consent of the parents.
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