Pre-Primary School

In Pre-Primary School the emphasis is not on ‘academic’ learning but on social and other skills that are necessary for getting the best out of school learning. Children need to enjoy coming to school. They should be able to cooperate and adjust socially with other children. There are no textbooks and there is very little formal reading and writing. Most of the learning is by listening and speaking. The emphasis is to build a capacity in children to be able to listen to and understand the English language that the teachers speak and be able to speak in English so that teachers and other students can understand what the child wants to express. In Mathematics, the emphasis is on understanding and representation of single digit numbers and relating numbers to their everyday life experiences. Emphasis is again on using Mathematics as a language to express life experiences quantitatively. Emphasis is placed on communication skills, numerical skills, music, physical education, cultural development, while keeping universal values as the base. Gradual initiation of the child to the English Language takes place while bearing in mind the emphasis on the child’s mother tongue. A lot of time is spent in activities and free-play to develop their gross-motor and fine-motor skills. Free play also encourages team work and social adjustment. Here emphasis is also laid on cultivating regular habits both at home and school which will help students later in school to organise their life and study habits.
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