Assesment System

Every child has his / her own special intelligence. The rote process of evaluation measures and assesses a very limited range of faculties of a child. It does not provide a complete picture of an individual’s abilities or progress. We, at Atul Vidyalaya, aim to assess our students’ performance not merely through exams and tests, but also through a series of life skill achievements that the child has attained during the course of the year. In contemporary education, we know that Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) has become an integral part of assessment as it helps in improving student’s performance by identifying their learning challenges at the outset. For the purpose of making evaluation comprehensive, both scholastic and co-scholastic aspects are given equal importance. “What I hear, I forget, what I see, I remember, what I do, I understand”, CCE assessment is carried-out using multiple modes such as assignments, quizzes, debates, group discussions, projects, health & physical activities and written examinations consisting of objective type, short answer and long answer questions. From middle school onwards weekly tests every Monday and 2 terminal examinations are held in an academic year to ensure regular study habits and revision. Promotion is on the basis of the cumulative performance of the students. For classes 5 to 7, the marks scored by students are converted into grades in the report card. From class 8 onwards marks are shown on the report card.
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