Social Responsibility

The educational process not only has a psychological side involving the educator and students, it has the sociological aspect too. The student has to live in and for society he belongs to. True education comes through the stimulation of the student endowments by the demands of the social situation. Since, school and society are interdependent; education is an activity that fulfills need of the society. The school functions according to the cultural backgrounds of the society and modifies the society by providing the leaders, reformers and civil citizens. From morning breeze to snappy shadows of the afternoon, Atul Vidyalaya aims to empower its students with tri-stapled statement: Strive for Inclusive Growth: Often the achievements of a child are attributed to the environment at home. It needs to be extended to the society when one is successful, and this for our school, is ‘inclusive’ growth. Try and give back as much as you can to the society that has been the catalyst in your growth. Today’s Youth are Tomorrow’s Leaders: Unless we inculcate the right values in our pupils, social consciousness will remain a distant dream. The Power to drive and co-create new solutions lies in the hands of our nation’s youth. They must harness their collective enthusiasm and success towards bettering the society around them. ‘I Must Do Something’ Not ‘Something Must Be Done’: Instead of waiting for things to change, it is essential that every student become the force that changes. Introspect and look at how you can make a difference. The values which we develop in our students help to promote self-reliance, direction, critical thinking skills, leading to the to the development of well-adjusted, adaptable and integrated personalities for society.
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