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September 12, 2016

Staff achievements

S. Chand Group Teaching Excellence Award 2016

Mrs, Vijayalakshmy Menon Category- Star Innovation (Primary) School – Atul Vidyalaya, Atul , Valsad. Mrs, Anjelina Almeida Category- Early Childhood education. School – Atul Vidyalaya, Atul , Valsad. Venue –...

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Sep 16

News letter Video for the month of August 2016

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Welcome to Atul Vidyalaya

Atul Vidyalaya has approaches to teaching and learning that are well-tried in other parts of the world but new to India. While preserving the best in traditional Indian education and culture, we have opted for a student-centric system with ample opportunities for project work and discovery learning, guided by a well-qualified teaching faculty with generous access to quality in service training both in India and abroad.

In order to ensure that every student’s talents are developed to the full, the school applies the Six Thinking Hats, 5 minds, Multiple Intelligence approach and Blooms Taxonomy.

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